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Editorial Your computer is an important energy consumer in your home. Can you save energy when using it? This article offers a few tips.
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by zima on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 10:52 UTC in reply to "More"
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Still LED back lighting really seems to be smacking LCDs now on power and the price difference is becoming minimal and could easily cover itself in short order. Also LED makes for much slimmer, lighter panels (and woblier too).

You know that marketers are taking over our world when even somebody aware of "LED back lighting" (of... LCD panels) contrasts that with... LCDs ;( ;)

Generally, we had a nice scam going around in retail, for some time. LED-backlit LCDs were probably less expensive to make from the very start of their mass-production. And, regarding labels, imagine the mess when actual (O)LED monitors will really show up en masse... (kinda like the fad of stereoscopy trying to take over the label "3D" - while there are IMHO much nicer approaches)

Oh, and only edge-lit panels seem to be much slimmer. The ones with a "matrix" of dozen+ LEDs at the back of LCD panel don't appear that different (they do make inexpensive panels much nicer when it comes to contrast, blacks, etc.)

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