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Gnome Linus Torvalds piped up in the comments of a Google+ posting by Linux kernel hacker Dave Jones to air his true feelings about Gnome 3: "it's not that I have rendering problems with gnome3 (although I do have those too), it's that the user experience of Gnome3 even without rendering problems is unacceptable." People care what Linus thinks, and when he ditched KDE for Gnome a couple of years ago, people took note. Now he's using Xfce.
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Ok I have to say three things:

1. I really like Gnome3/Gnome-Shell. It is great for me, and not to mention my wife.

2. I really like the diversity in Linux Desktop/Window Managers right now and look forward to more diversity in the future. Gnome does not look or act or feel like KDE and neither of those like XFCE nor like E17. It is great! No one is stuck with just one like the other major OSes. We should celebrate that it is no longer the Gnome looks like KDE which looks like Windows 95.

3. Gnome3 has some great ways to open up multiple windows of the same application. Drag and drop to the desired workspace is great as well as right click on the icon and select open new window.

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