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Gnome Linus Torvalds piped up in the comments of a Google+ posting by Linux kernel hacker Dave Jones to air his true feelings about Gnome 3: "it's not that I have rendering problems with gnome3 (although I do have those too), it's that the user experience of Gnome3 even without rendering problems is unacceptable." People care what Linus thinks, and when he ditched KDE for Gnome a couple of years ago, people took note. Now he's using Xfce.
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RE: Year of the Linux desktop
by boudewijn on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 18:36 UTC in reply to "Year of the Linux desktop"
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"Now a decade later, KDE and GNOME are still going their separate ways, unable to agree on anything."

Actually, and stripped of your hyperbole, KDE and GNOME have agreed on a whole lot of things.

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