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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has already done a lot to clean up the user interface of its successful web browser, but it would seem they're not yet done. As someone who finds the current interface a little... Chaotic and distracting, I'm quite happy with the changes they're currently proposing. They basically pointed at Chrome and said "pretty much that".
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by Aankhen on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 18:56 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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Feeds button in toolbar is very different from the feeds *indicator* in the address bar. I.e. it doesn't indicate anything, unless you try to click on it to test if feeds are present. Absence or presence of feeds indicator on the other hand prompts the user that feeds actually exist for some page. That's why extension was needed to compensate that.

It’s greyed out on pages with no feeds; it’s dark on pages with feeds. Isn’t that the same principle as the earlier behaviour?

The new design could certainly stand to be clearer, as there isn’t enough contrast between the two states.
Using Esc to close the search toolbar is not comfortable, if search toolbar looses the focus. It'll require you to click on search toolbar first, and then hit Esc. Too many extra mouse + keyboard manipulations IMO, in comparison with just doing Ctrl+F.

I use Ctrl+F to refocus the search field and then Esc to close it.

Thanks for the links. I’m pretty used to the current behaviour at this point, so I probably won’t install them myself. I’ll keep them in mind if it ever becomes too annoying, or if I come across someone who’d prefer the older behaviour.

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