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Google This I didn't expect. While we've had individual people high up Google's chain of command speak out, there wasn't yet any form of official response to the patent shenanigans surrounding Android. For the first time, the company has posted on the official Google Blog about the issue, and the company is clear. Several companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, are working together to attack Android through patents. Google is not going to sit back and take it, though. Update: Stuff just got real. Popcorn! Or better yet, coffee!
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Android touch orientated UI change came about no earlier than 12 months after iPhone was demoed.

They previewed a nearly complete version within as little as 6 months of the iPhone's release.

The first actual touchscreen device was out a year after OG iPhone was released(G1). And the picture you're giving is of a device(HTC Incredible) that is 3 years older than original iPhone release to public...

If he was really engaged in industrial espionage, like you imply, then they would have had a touch oriented device from day one...

He (probably) didn't set out to copy Apple upon jointing the board of directors. He would need time to garner the information for which he would utilize in the first release based on the concepts he acquired while employed at Apple. Lets say 6 months before the light went off in his head to do the same. That would allow for a year and a half of development time then one more year on Apple's board after Apple releases the iPhone.

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