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Google This I didn't expect. While we've had individual people high up Google's chain of command speak out, there wasn't yet any form of official response to the patent shenanigans surrounding Android. For the first time, the company has posted on the official Google Blog about the issue, and the company is clear. Several companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, are working together to attack Android through patents. Google is not going to sit back and take it, though. Update: Stuff just got real. Popcorn! Or better yet, coffee!
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Preemptive Attack?
by cranfordio on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 23:00 UTC
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Ley me start by saying I don't agree with the current patent system in the U.S. and it needs to be changed. So saying that let's take this from a point of view that maybe the patents in question are legit.

If Google knows they are in violation with Android but don't really care then the best way to fight this is through public opinion. By Google saying that these companies are bullying Android through patents that aren't legit (whether or not they are) then they start to get the public on their side. Then the public turns their back on the other companies and then even if they are ruled against the public has already made their choice.

To me, by Google making this statement, they are trying to get this tried in the court of public opinion.

Once again I think was is happening is wrong, just trying to provide another viewpoint.

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