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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla Firefox has been listening to recent memory complains, and as a side effect tested the browser's scalability to the extreme with memshrink's improvements. The results are shocking: For 150 tabs open using the test script, Firefox nightly takes 6 min 14 on the test system, uses 2GB and stays responsive. For the same test, Chrome takes 28 min 55 and is unusable during loading. An optimized version of the script has been made for Chrome as an attempt to work-around Chrome's limitations and got an improved loading time of 27 min 58, while using 5GB of memory.
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Not a very good test
by renox on Thu 4th Aug 2011 09:08 UTC
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So OK, FF is better than Chrome if you open 150 tabs simultaneously, but who does that??
Nobody: you open tabs, close some, open other, etc and in the end you may have a big number of tabs open (though 150 seems excessive to me: 50 would be more interesting).

This would be a better test, and the results may be different: the architecture of Chrome may allow better resource management than thread oriented FF..

Also he should try his benchmark with different settings: it's possible to configure Chrome to use only one process, I wonder if the resource usage would be very different..

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