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Google This I didn't expect. While we've had individual people high up Google's chain of command speak out, there wasn't yet any form of official response to the patent shenanigans surrounding Android. For the first time, the company has posted on the official Google Blog about the issue, and the company is clear. Several companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, are working together to attack Android through patents. Google is not going to sit back and take it, though. Update: Stuff just got real. Popcorn! Or better yet, coffee!
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RE: Hypocrisy
by Aragorn992 on Thu 4th Aug 2011 09:50 UTC in reply to "Hypocrisy"
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...Thom argues that Google only wants to use patents defensively. But what exactly does Google need to defend against, if not actual patents Android actually violates?

The point regarding the problems using "questionable" patents to litigate other companies into submission is well known. Read a little. Inform yourself. Just because a company takes another to court - or worse yet, WINs in court - does not make that patent any more or less valid. This is a systematic problem with the patent system.

How is Google’s argument here different than simply demanding that Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, et al should simply sit back and let Google do whatever it wants with Android, regardless of the patents they hold? And, let’s not forget, give Android away for free.

Google is not taking these companies to court with patents (and Google has plenty of "questionable" patents it could use for this purpose). These companies are taking Google (whether it be indirectly via Samsung) to court. There is a clear aggressor here and it is not Google.

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