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RE[7]: Cold summer
by transputer_guy on Thu 4th Aug 2011 13:25 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Cold summer"
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Your are spewing out the usual climate denial junk we expect to see from the wattsupwiththat crowd as well as the various conservative think tanks funded by Exxonmobile,the Koch brothers or the tobacco industry at the Heartland Institute. Are you a stool for those interests or can you study think for yourself.

If what you say is true, write a paper on all your beliefs and get it published in a peer reviewed journal. You will find your points have all been debunked.

It is one thing to be a conservative/republican, it is quite another to buy into the idea that conservatives automatically have to work for free for Koch industries to promote coal and fossil fuel burning.

It is a simple fact humans have increased CO2 levels from around 250 to 460 ppm since the industrial revolution started, nature can not do so that fast. Since China and India have joined the energy party, we are likely headed to 700 ppm in the next century with no stopping. Last time CO2 levels were this high due to nature, was eons ago when life and flora was very different.

And yes CO2 is good for vegetation up to a point. It is also a trace gas, and physics says CO2 is a warming gas although water vapor and methane are much worse. The Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon that make up the bulk of the atmosphere are not warming gasses so indeed the remaining gasses can and do make a huge difference.

The CO2 normally cycles through the system over very long periods of time, about the same amount goes into the atmosphere as is taken out by natural processes. The human load is just a small push of a few percent but it is always adding, so the CO2 level drifts upwards, that is simple integration math.

I could go on but you could learn more from your own research.

Personally I think that the only way to a future of guilt free plentiful energy for all the nations is Nuclear power from Thorium LFTR, despite all the green loons anger at Nuclear. Nuclear energy is millions of times energy denser compared to solar in any form and there is enough Th for the entire planet to live well for thousands of years until fusion works. It can even help rid the world of the nuclear waste from weapons and regular nuclear plants.

google kirk sorenson thorium energy

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