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Google This I didn't expect. While we've had individual people high up Google's chain of command speak out, there wasn't yet any form of official response to the patent shenanigans surrounding Android. For the first time, the company has posted on the official Google Blog about the issue, and the company is clear. Several companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, are working together to attack Android through patents. Google is not going to sit back and take it, though. Update: Stuff just got real. Popcorn! Or better yet, coffee!
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Like Nokia 7710 has the same LCD screen? 3.5" 640*320 TFT LCD.

In 2005 capacitive touchscreens were the weight of gold, so no wonder Nokia 7710 had the cheaper resistive. Resistive touchscreens aren't good for finger touch inputs.

So far, the only thing that iPhone brought into the mainstream smartphone market is the capacitive all touch input(I have not found a good predecessor).

In all other aspects iPhone took the ideas from Nokia mobiles from 2004-2006, BB's and some desktop. The home button looks awfully like Nokia's "joysticks". The grid of icons on a mobile is the same as my 2005 Nokia.

I'm sorry. I looked at 3 different demonstrations of the Nokia and it has more in common with my Compaq iPaq then it does with the iPhone.

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