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Internet & Networking A new resolution introduced in the US Senate offers political backing to the Bush administration by slamming a United Nations effort to exert more influence over the Internet. At the heart of this international political spat is the unique influence that the US federal government enjoys over Internet addresses and the master database of top-level domain names - a legacy of the Internet's origins years ago. The Bush administration recently raised objections to the proposed addition of .xxx as a red-light district for pornographers, for instance, a veto power that no other government is able to wield.
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Ownership of & Influencing the Internet -
by Pelly on Thu 20th Oct 2005 00:50 UTC
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I believe that any nation/group thinking they can claim ownership or have a dramatic influence over the internet is ridiculous, at best. No single entity is in the position of being able to claim ownership.

As Mick Dundee said in Crocodile Dundee - "It's like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog," during a discussion of land ownership. Sorry for the movie analogy; couldn't help it, but it seemed to fit in, here.

I believe the absolute most that ANY nation can do is to make attempts at 'local laws' regarding the sections of the internet that travel/reside on the servers & systems on their soil. Much as they do now.

The UN may be in a position to make 'suggestions,' but that's about it.

My two cents...

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