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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y The Google-Microsoft patent war of words is continuing. Yesterday, Google (rightfully so, in my book) accused Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle partaking in an organised patent attack against Android, instead of competing on merit, claiming that they bought up Novell's and Nortel's patents solely to attack Android and its device makers. Microsoft struck back, claiming Google was offered to join in on the bids for the Novell patents, but rejected the offer. Google has now responded to this accusation - and to make matters even more confusing, Microsoft responded back. A public shouting match between two powerful parties? Count me in!
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Simple case we can consider is of pinch-to-zoom. Apple did not get patent for pinch-to-zoom or multitouch. They have a patent for a specific implementation involved two fingers on a viewport to zoom in a specific content displayed in the viewport. How is that not specific? If somebody wants to implement multitouch to zoom, then they should come up with their own idea not just copy what Apple innovated. BTW, I'm not arguing that Apple invented multitouch or pinch-to-zoom. Its just that they patented a specific procedure.

Think again:
pinch-to-zoom - it is the most natural move a person could make with 2 fingers (or more) to zoom on a small screen. If you invented multitouch and you wanted to show how to zoom, you would do the same. Because it is what you do in reality when you want to make something bigger.
Of course, if Apple had a patent on how to recognize this gesture, than we are talking...
So I could argue that apple patented a very natural gesture (I might loose this argument since it's hard to prove, but than again, with an easy experiment I could win).

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