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Windows "According to a new report, there are as many as 6,000 references to MinWin in an internal Windows 8 client build. This may provide more clues and validation of Microsoft's virtualization plans for the coming operating system release."
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MinWin architecture sounds familiar
by Zenja on Sat 6th Aug 2011 07:07 UTC
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Anyone remember the original BeOS design. Have a hybrid kernel, with a bunch of servers / kits which can be used as required instead of being initialised all at once. Sounds exactly like what MinWin is trying to accomplish. To use a quote from the internet:

MinWin contains the bootloader, HAL (processor & chipset initialization, memory manager, etc), scheduler, most of the kernel infrastructure (sans most drivers, filesystems, etc) and some of the core Win32 subsystem upon which essential apps can be run.

To MinWin you can then configure an OS build by choosing which OS components you want to include from a catalog of items - NTFS, (ex)FAT, etc., TCP/IP & NETBIOS, SCSI/RAID, video, audio, printers, .NET, etc.

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