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Graphics, User Interfaces Since we're on a CLI kick today, here's an "attempt at presenting some of the most important guidelines for CLI design."
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RE: Gawd awful guidelines ...
by shotsman on Sat 6th Aug 2011 17:56 UTC in reply to "Gawd awful guidelines ..."
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To paraphrase a character from 'Little Britian'

Yes. But No But Yes But...

There has been an alternative to the Unix shell that has been around 30+ years.
As you sat, no one is going to get RSI from using


instead of

cp -v

But it goes way beyond this.
The Unix shell is as pretty well everone agrees a powerful tool. So is the VMS DCL Shell.
Both have their +ve's and -ve's.
However in 30+ years of using both, the DCL shell is far more natural and is a pleasure to use.
Now I am the first to admit that people moving to it from Bash etc are mystified by it.
Once you reset your perceptions it becomes perfectly logical.

What I'm trying to say is that was can do a lot better than the Unix shell.
I agree that using it as a reference point in CLI design is just plain crazy.

I'd expect that if you asked this question of the original Unix devs they'd give you the country mile answer.
viz, 'I wouldn't start from here'.

It is a pity that more people aren't interested in moving the CLI forward.

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