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Graphics, User Interfaces Since we're on a CLI kick today, here's an "attempt at presenting some of the most important guidelines for CLI design."
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CLI != text only
by MacTO on Sun 7th Aug 2011 02:17 UTC
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I admit, it's fun to think about playing video on character-cell displays. Yet I also think that many people confuse CLI's as something that lives within a text only terminal.

A less limiting version of CLI's would allow for graphical displays. Take something like gnuplot: it definitely has a command driven interface, but it also pops open a graphical window to display a graph. ImageMagick is probably a better example though, since I seem to recall it fitting into the shell better (thus works as part of a coherent system), and it still allows for graphical display.

We need to accept that hybrid of text and graphics, or the CLI is doomed to die. Very few people want to play with a masochistic geek toy after all.

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