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Graphics, User Interfaces Since we're on a CLI kick today, here's an "attempt at presenting some of the most important guidelines for CLI design."
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RE[2]: CLI != text only
by allanregistos on Tue 9th Aug 2011 00:33 UTC in reply to "RE: CLI != text only"
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"I admit, it's fun to think about playing video on character-cell displays. Yet I also think that many people confuse CLI's as something that lives within a text only terminal.

A less limiting version of CLI's would allow for graphical displays."

Yes, this is actually what I meant by my maps query interface example under the CLI Article. The GUI part should remain, but a CLI query engine could be added. Something like Autocad or SQL software uses.

The CLI should function with or without the GUI portion to give the user maximum flexibility.

I agree 100%. It seems my understanding from other comments here is that a CLI = less GUI. It shouldn't be. You can have CLI's in the form of terminals flying around all over your favorite desktop environment, express yourself with the power of CLI commands on any of that window terminals, while watching high definition videos or (3d videos) at the same time. This is the future.
We can't just revert to the old dumb terminal of the ancient Unix days.

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