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KDE KDE is working on some interesting stuff. Wayland support for one, but they're also going to work on the frameworks for... KDE 5.0. Yes, I'd say KDE 4 still is far, far from done, but 5.0 is already on the horizon. This time around though, they're not going to pull a KDE 4.0, since this is mostly going to be about lower-level changes.
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by pepper on Tue 9th Aug 2011 21:14 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: ..."
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I'm telling you, I've been running kde 4 series for two years at work, home, and on the go. I've experimented with Gnome, lxde, x-monad, awesomewm, xfce, fluxbox, openstep. KDE with (Kwin with graphical effects off), is as fast as any of them on my modest hardware.

You're joking right? I switched away from KDE/Gnome several years ago because they are so damn slow. I don't see why I should use a desktop environment that presents me with a loading progress bar during startup. Linux and X11 do the driver stuff, the apps do the actual work. The desktop's only task is to make apps accessible and manageable. If I can write it myself in a few weeks, the startup time should not be noticeable on todays systems. Awesome does that for me.

Just look at Okular for an example on how not to write software. Starting okular takes considerable time compared to other readers, especially if not cached. Okular requires about 100 MB of KDE libraries and several KDE services at runtime. It is very sad that no standalone version exists and it can't even open files without those KDE services. But then, those KDE/Gnome people never seemed to understand the Unix design philosophy but only strife for Windows eXPerience. Well, they got too close for my taste...

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