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Legal Okay, I didn't see this one coming. German press agency dpa is reporting that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction barring Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being distributed in the entire European Union except for The Netherlands, over a design patent. Competition at its finest, people, and this is clearly in the interest of consumers. I'm ashamed to be European. Updates in the article now. This iterative update process isn't really working when you've got a gazillion of them.
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by organgtool on Wed 10th Aug 2011 05:36 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: zzzz"
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neither were in production when Apple came out with the iPhone.

The Prada was released nearly six months before the iPhone.

So if anything, Apple copied

I think the grandparent's point was not that Apple copied the Prada, but that the design itself wasn't so very innovative to begin with if other companies developed it simultaneously and independently.

Something was obviously lacking in the original.

Yes, the Apple logo. Regardless of what was "lacking", according to the Apple fans, whoever does anything first should have a complete monopoly on that idea/design. By that logic, the iPhone is a KIRF - a successful copycat, but a copycat none the less. Personally, I don't see anything innovative about a touchscreen surrounded by a black bezel.

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