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Legal Okay, I didn't see this one coming. German press agency dpa is reporting that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction barring Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being distributed in the entire European Union except for The Netherlands, over a design patent. Competition at its finest, people, and this is clearly in the interest of consumers. I'm ashamed to be European. Updates in the article now. This iterative update process isn't really working when you've got a gazillion of them.
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by -pekr- on Wed 10th Aug 2011 13:11 UTC in reply to "zzzz"
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This is just typical example of a fanboyism. Fact like Google suddenly changed design of the planned phone. You forgot to mention, that Google's person was on Apple's board, and that Google has stollen it most probably all, right? :-)

Some Apple fanatics (not necessarily you, as you seem to use your arguments in a civilized way) behave like Apple would be inventor of the sliced bread. Let's take e.g. touch. I have worked with touch systems since 2002 (kiosk systems). Products like capacitative, projected capacitative, IR, wires, surface wave, from companies like 3M, Elo. There should be really someone searching for prior act, not allowing some powefull companies to CLEARLY missuse their power (I am not necessarily talking just Apple here).

But anyway - what you write is kind of funny. Car is a car - it usually has 4 wheels, doors, engine, etc. So is the soccer ball - the same shape. Few principles different here or there. But still - cell phone is a cell phone, and tablet is a tablet. I would clearly dismiss all that cases, as a total nonsense. The word copy, stands just for that - COPY. So either is Galaxy Tab a COPY of an iPAD, or it is not. And as it is not, all other voices should shut up!

Pity that back in Amiga days, we did not patent "User interface, which is not made traditionally by menu, toolbars, scrollers, but uses variable sized UI components and pointers". Now all phone makers would be paying for patenting such a nonsense.

And please - keep all that patents, ACTA, and other crap, in US. I am really disappointed EU is playing such stupid games too, and even worse, that German ruling can apply EU-wide?

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