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Legal Okay, I didn't see this one coming. German press agency dpa is reporting that Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction barring Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being distributed in the entire European Union except for The Netherlands, over a design patent. Competition at its finest, people, and this is clearly in the interest of consumers. I'm ashamed to be European. Updates in the article now. This iterative update process isn't really working when you've got a gazillion of them.
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RE[12]: Merit
by jtfolden on Wed 10th Aug 2011 19:52 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Merit"
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Indeed, that's shipment numbers, not sales.
But show me a company that ship increasing units number per month but can't sale them.

Actually, you might be surprised how much stock often gets sold to vendors early in a product's life and then sits unsold. ASUS doesn't care about end user sales, only how many the stores are willing to take and losts of sellers are pinning hopes on there being a growing market for tablets. Don't be surprised to see huge sales on these units during and after the holidays. There's just an iPad market and then "non-Apple everything else".

However, you'll note that virtually all the other tablet manufacturers than Apple only talk about shipped units, never actual sales, and many - such as Samsung and Acer for example - are now talking about lowering forecasts for the year.

2M units sold for a product on the market since April, it's not exactly low sales, except if you consider the iPad rate low too.

How's that when the iPad sold, to end users, nearly 10M in a single quarter and nearly 30M overall? They sell every single one they make. You're not even talking 2M to actual customers with the ASUS.

Anyway, if you find the sales numbers of Eee Pad Transformer, please share.

I haven't seen anything reliable yet. I'm guessing unless they are something to boast about, we won't readily see them.

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