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Apple The lure of shiny toys has helped Apple's BSD-based Mac OS X operating system overtake Linux to become the operating system that is the second most used by developers, according to Evans Data.
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RE[8]: Really?
by No it isnt on Wed 10th Aug 2011 23:30 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Really?"
No it isnt
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The BSD subsystem is optional (or was, back in the days of smaller hard drives) when installing OS X. The rest of the system (which is the majority) does not depend on it. Most apps don't. Are apps that don't use BSD based on BSD? No. Do you use a BSD when you don't use BSD? My opinion is that you don't.

I don't deny that OS X has a BSD subsystem. I just deny that OS X development is BSD development, and that the parts of OS X most people touch have anything to do with BSD.

Your argument is a bit like saying a caravan is a brick building just because you've filled it with bricks.

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