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General Development InfoWorld's Rick Grehan provides an in-depth comparison of six Python Web frameworks, including CubicWeb, Django, Pyramid,, Web2py, and Zope 2. 'No matter what your needs or leanings as a Python developer might be, one of these frameworks promises to be a good fit,' Grehan writes. 'As usual, the choice is highly subjective. You will find zealots for each product, and every zealot is able to present rational reasons why their chosen framework is superior.'
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RE[2]: pylons ommission
by gregorlowski on Thu 11th Aug 2011 03:18 UTC in reply to "RE: pylons ommission"
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Ahh, I deserve an RTFA for my original comment. I haven't looked at pylons since the name change, but TFA does explicitly mention:

"Pyramid, a flexible new offering from the group that produced the popular Pylons framework..."

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