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Apple The lure of shiny toys has helped Apple's BSD-based Mac OS X operating system overtake Linux to become the operating system that is the second most used by developers, according to Evans Data.
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Mac OS at a low level
by 3rdalbum on Thu 11th Aug 2011 08:53 UTC
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Anyone here used Mac OS X at a fairly low level, for instance, recovering someone's computer from a command-line?

In low-level operation, it's no BSD. It doesn't behave or work like BSD.

In high-level operation with the GUI, of course it's nothing like BSD.

The kernel may be derived from BSD, but I'm pretty sure the kernel Apple ships with its computers is not the compiled version of the source code Apple distributes. Knowing Apple, it probably has very little BSD content still left in it.

Android uses the Linux kernel, but Android is not "the Linux platform". Because it doesn't work like a Linux distro. Well, OS X is not the BSD platform - it doesn't work like BSD and it's certainly not developed from BSD culture.

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