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Legal Earlier this week, we were introduced to a new concept in intellectual property law: the European 'Community Design'. The Community Design is a sort of trademark on design, and sits halfway between a trademark and a patent. I decided to investigate what, exactly, the laws and regulations around Community Designs are, and what I found was shocking. Think the USPTO is bad? Wait until you learn about the Community Design.
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Well that's it.
by Morgan on Thu 11th Aug 2011 11:36 UTC
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That's the nail in the coffin of any association I will have with Apple*. I know, any number of other big companies would probably do the same (I'm looking at you, Sony). But the fact that they would jump at the chance to be the first to deliver such a cheap shot speaks volumes.

As to the issue at the hell is this even possible? How did the European citizens allow this state of disarray to come to pass? You know, I should go and file a bunch of these "Community Designs" (a misnomer if I ever heard one). When one of the big companies tries to sell their vaguely similar product in the EU, I can stand up and say to the European people: "Look, I could stop that company dead in their tracks and cost them millions in lost revenue and wasted marketing costs, perhaps even bankrupting them. But I'd rather expose this fraud for what it is. Don't let this idiocy continue to erode the free market when the entire world is already suffering economically!"

But I'd probably be assassinated or at least kidnapped and forced to see the error of my ways before I could make it to a podium. I'm not a paranoid person but far worse has happened to those who cross megacorporations while trying to do the right thing.

*I'm not changing my opinion of MacOS and OS X; I still think they are great OSes. But from this point forward I will not buy another Apple device or otherwise send them any of my money. They join Sony on my short list of boycotted asshat companies. I know the effect of that is infinitesimal in the grand scheme, but it's my only way of protesting that will have any impact on my life and serve to remind me why I don't associate with them anymore.

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