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Legal Earlier this week, we were introduced to a new concept in intellectual property law: the European 'Community Design'. The Community Design is a sort of trademark on design, and sits halfway between a trademark and a patent. I decided to investigate what, exactly, the laws and regulations around Community Designs are, and what I found was shocking. Think the USPTO is bad? Wait until you learn about the Community Design.
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It's not broken
by Yamin on Thu 11th Aug 2011 15:31 UTC
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Broken implies it is not doing what it is meant to do.

These laws are not meant to encourage innovation or anything. They're meant to create jobs for lawyers and bureaucracy and established players.

They're doing exactly what they are intended to do.

You might as well say the drug war has failed. It has not. It has served its purpose of employing police officers, prison guards, lawyers...

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