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Amiga & AROS How about we end this weekend on a happy note? Something we can all agree on is a good thing, so that we can all be happy and frolic and hand out hugs and kisses? I've got a video for you guys and girls. A production video of how a certain motherboard is being assembled. However, this is no ordinary board. This is the rev. 2.1 versions of the A-eon AmigaOne X1000 - which will be shipped out to beta testers next week.
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RE: I prefer the NatAMI
by NeoX on Thu 11th Aug 2011 18:06 UTC in reply to "I prefer the NatAMI"
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Just what is the expected price and when will we see it in the US? If it truly is $2500 US like I have heard then they are unselling it. But if it is sub $1000 I will buy one for sure. Better yet let me buy the motherboard and case it and assemble it my self.

Exciting times as I have always had a soft spot for Amiga.

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