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Google I quite like Google's Chrome operating system (OS)--a Linux variant that use the Chrome Web browser as its interface--but as it's being shipping today, Chrome OS has problems. Fortunately, in the latest Chrome OS stable channel release, Google is finally addressing some of these rough spots.
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RE[2]: Chromebooks 1.0
by Ventajou on Fri 12th Aug 2011 11:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Chromebooks 1.0"
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Agreed, there is a scary trend around using web technologies everywhere as if it was the pinnacle of what's out there.

In fact, HTML, Javascript and CSS are a terrible platform for writing apps. I know first hand because I do it every day. It's very fulfilling to have a working web app because of how painful it is to get it to work in the first place. But because almost every platform under the sun has a web browser, the web has become the least common denominator.

Even Google knows how painful this is, which is why they write their web apps using the GWT which "compiles" Java to JavaScript.

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