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Microsoft Microsoft no longer thinks Linux poses a threat to its desktop Windows business. Directions on Microsoft's Wes Miller pointed out via Twitter how Microsoft has changed the boilerplate "Competition" section in its last two annual financial filings with the SEC.
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RE: Successful
by joekiser on Fri 12th Aug 2011 13:57 UTC in reply to "Successful"
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From the article:

"This only applies to the Windows desktop, however."

In other words, Linux on the server is still a huge threat, but when it comes to desktop usage, you are exactly right. In addition to the three projects you mentioned, there's the problem of buggy graphics drivers from everybody except nVidia, and half the time you can't suspend/resume with the blob.

With regard to KDE4, Gnome3, Unity, there's one other thing to take into consideration: Microsoft got Windows 7 right. Add Cygwin and gVim and you've got a mature, stable desktop. The closest thing we have in FOSS is KDE4, which seems like the buggy, retarded clone of Win7. Unless you're broke, or follower of some ideology, there's no real advantage to using a Linux desktop anymore.

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