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Microsoft Microsoft no longer thinks Linux poses a threat to its desktop Windows business. Directions on Microsoft's Wes Miller pointed out via Twitter how Microsoft has changed the boilerplate "Competition" section in its last two annual financial filings with the SEC.
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RE[3]: Successful
by dragossh on Sat 13th Aug 2011 03:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Successful"
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I'd say that in my experience, the Win7 UX ranks very high in the hall of shame of retardedness. Performance is terrible

That was my experience with KDE4. What's up with a bajillion notifications per second? Where's the clear all button? Why do I have to go manually through all of them, click close and watch the jerky resizing? Why can't I search in control center and press enter? I have to switch input methods to get to the thing I want. What's up with the retarted UI decisions like let's have a wireless selection menu that's half your screen and you have to click 1030219312 times to get where you want.

the updating system...

I had no problems with it. Update pops up, user press update, user happy. Most of the time without even a reboot.

the explorer breadcrumbs are ridiculously small and you need to hack your system with admin rights to get a Up button

The breadcrumbs here are okay. And you have about 5 up buttons in the breadcrumb bar, I don't see why you need one.

the control panel is a mess

Yes, but they built it thinking you'd use search. Wanna change your resolution? Type change resolution. Wanna edit your PATH? Type environment variables.

Notepad++ is no match for a Kate as far as usability is concerned...

What does that have to do with Windows? You can install Kate in Windows too.

I feel like Cygwin and some other KDE apps make the perfect desktop for me. Whenever I boot into KDE4, I can only describe it as bearable. Sometimes it's great. But sometimes it likes annoying the crap out of me.

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