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GNU, GPL, Open Source Google has finally acknowledged that its characterization of Android as open source is false and, in the end, this can only make the mobile platform stronger, InfoWorld's Galen Gruman argues. 'It's hard for believers to accept that open source brings with it difficulties, but look at the consistent failure of the other open source mobile platforms -- Moblin, Maemo, and MeeGo -- that all devolved into grad-student-like thought experiments and personal pet projects. Users don't want that, and ultimately products are sold to users.' Instead, Google has been quietly taking parts of Android back in house to develop them purposefully and deeply, and as Google has asserted more control over Android, it's improved.
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RE[4]: Wrong
by itanic on Sat 13th Aug 2011 12:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wrong"
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Got me there ... I can't use a slow package management system, but I can install programs quickly and easily from .exe and .msi files (or I just unzip) ;-D.

How many steps are required to install a WAMP stack? Can you script that?

Yes it called unplugging the network cable, pouring concrete over it and putting it at the bottom of the ocean ... No computer system is 100% secure.

No, but OpenBSD comes pretty darn close, with only 2 holes in 15 years.

No okay, got me there. But why would you want to use a 10 year old computer as a firewall and spend more money running it than buying a decent router ... I have no f--king idea.

Maybe I want to run Gbps+ traffic, BGP, VRRP, rate-limiting, TCP SYN proxying, remote OS fingerprinting, etc. Ironically, any decent router these days runs Linux anyway.

TBH if it being $0 is the only reason you are using something that just makes you a cheapskate ... I personally don't mind buying a Windows License for £120 and then get to use that product for approximately 10-14 years with support ... Lets just work out how much that costs per day of use ..

Try that on 1000 servers.

Way to go buddy ... you have proved you are a ignorant cheapskate

You have proven you are an ignorant, desktop only user.

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