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Legal Earlier this week, we were introduced to a new concept in intellectual property law: the European 'Community Design'. The Community Design is a sort of trademark on design, and sits halfway between a trademark and a patent. I decided to investigate what, exactly, the laws and regulations around Community Designs are, and what I found was shocking. Think the USPTO is bad? Wait until you learn about the Community Design.
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Oh god learn to read. They did not deceive anyone, ffs.

As is common practice if you expect a preliminary injunction in Germany, you file a document with some procedural objections in every Bundesland ('state'). Considering Germany is the prime place to get EU-wide injunctions, it makes sense to do so if you are in a global legal battle. It's a common-sense precaution.

This IN NO WAY contradicts Samsung's statement that they were not notified - because when Apple filed the injunction, Samsung was indeed NOT NOTIFIED. They did not lie - they told the truth, without even spinning it. The fact that they filed the document does not mean they knew about the injunction, much in the same way that posting a "Do not park here" sign does not automatically mean you know someone is going to park there on Sunday, 23 June, 2012.

Come on people, learn to fcuking read.

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