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GNU, GPL, Open Source Google has finally acknowledged that its characterization of Android as open source is false and, in the end, this can only make the mobile platform stronger, InfoWorld's Galen Gruman argues. 'It's hard for believers to accept that open source brings with it difficulties, but look at the consistent failure of the other open source mobile platforms -- Moblin, Maemo, and MeeGo -- that all devolved into grad-student-like thought experiments and personal pet projects. Users don't want that, and ultimately products are sold to users.' Instead, Google has been quietly taking parts of Android back in house to develop them purposefully and deeply, and as Google has asserted more control over Android, it's improved.
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Was about to post something similar. As long as the code is released in the end, it's open source. Sure open management and open development are nice as well but if it's developed behind closed doors, it doesn't mean it's no longer open source.

I believe Oracle is doing this with Solaris 11. They're developing it behind closed doors but then releasing the code once it's done. Still open source in the end. As far as I remember reading, Google is still planning on releasing the code for Android 3 eventually. Maybe I'm wrong on that one though.

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