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General Development The final ISO ballot on C++0x closed on Wednesday, and we just received the results: Unanimous approval. The next revision of C++ that we've been calling "C++0x" is now an International Standard! Geneva will take several months to publish it, but we hope it will be published well within the year, and then we'll be able to call it "C++11."
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by Aragorn992 on Mon 15th Aug 2011 08:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
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Because C++ is far more powerful than C or Objective-C and people who program for a living don't find C++ too complicated.

C is completely inappropriate for large projects. And for small ones, C++ can do anything that C can do, and better.

Objective-C (and Objective-C++) are really just layers on top of C (and C++). Objective-C is cool, but it is not a low-level language like C++.

C++ is a lower-level language than C and Object-C, but it has all of the high-level tools for building any sort of project. It is a truly general-purpose lange, where the other two are not.

Look. C++ is not "lower-level" than C. It IS C with some higher-level constructs (OO, STL, etc).

C++ I also prefer but one thing C++ can't do, which C can, is produce nice small binaries. Thats a major problem on embedded (e.g. satellite) platforms.

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