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OSNews, Generic OSes InfoWorld's Galen Gruman highlights 18 technologies that remain core to the computing experience for IT, engineers, and developers 25 to 50 years since their inception. From Cobol, to the IBM mainframe, to C, to x86, these high-tech senior citizens not only keep kicking but provide the foundations for many vital systems that keep IT humming.
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by frajo on Mon 15th Aug 2011 11:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Business In Science Out"
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Actually, I've heard that large institutions like the CERN have a problem with Fortran.

Citation needed. Maybe you got confused with their problem of finding the Higgs boson?

Today, there is not much of a performance benefit in using Fortran instead of C any more.

You got benchmarks? Some astrophysical simulation written in fortran against the same thing written in C?

The reason why these institutions still have to use it, despite people willing to program stuff in such an ugly language being increasingly hard to find,

Fortran is easy to learn. That's why most scientists who engage in number crunching use it like an everyday tool and not like a shiny/beautiful asset to show off.

is that they have a huge library of Fortran code around. A rewrite of that would take decades already, and will take more in the future.

You assume that recently built supercomputers are running fortran code that's decades old?

And that's why a google search with (+fortran supernova simulation) yields 136000 no-nonsense hits?

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