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General Development The final ISO ballot on C++0x closed on Wednesday, and we just received the results: Unanimous approval. The next revision of C++ that we've been calling "C++0x" is now an International Standard! Geneva will take several months to publish it, but we hope it will be published well within the year, and then we'll be able to call it "C++11."
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RE[7]: Yet another standard...
by dpJudas on Mon 15th Aug 2011 17:02 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Yet another standard..."
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As far as you know, I'm doing X, on platforms X, Y, Z, possibly PC (or possibly not), I may be writing the code in C, C++ or assembly (or possibly all). The code is either running in user mode or kernel mode (or possibly both).
... And yet you assume that you know what I'm doing right and wrong.

Please continue. I'm fascinated.

The only reason I commented on your original post was because I'm tired of listening to how its always the fault of Visual C++ if someones code does not compile there, and because you were talking like you had decades of experience on the matter. So I voiced my opinion as a different perspective for those that wouldn't know better or not.

Yes, you could be doing X, Y and Z on W, but to be honest I find it highly unlikely you're doing anything professionally with the attitude you are showing.

Seriously, grow up.

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