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Google Okay once again I'm breaking my own one-week time-off from OSNews due to, you know, taking a break and being too busy with other things, but this one is big - very big. Also, only the second time in OSNews history we've used the 'breaking'-tag. Google has just announced it is going to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion (more here). While providing Google with a dedicated mobile phone business, it also gives Google ownership of one of the most valuable mobile technology patent portfolios in existence. Update: Responses from the Android ecosystem are positive. HTC: "We welcome the news of today's acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem." Sony Ericsson & LG: "We welcome Google's commitment to defending Android and its partners."
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RE: Motorola?
by kovacm on Tue 16th Aug 2011 05:56 UTC in reply to "Motorola?"
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I'm not familiar with their patent portfolio, but I assumed that most of their patents were on the radio communications end, not the smart phone side of things. I can't imagine that HTC and Samsung are happy about this. Reminds me of when Microsoft introduced the Zune and was suddenly competing against their former partners.

as Alan K. said: "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware." ;) no compromise !!!

Microsoft is only company that manage to make ecosystem in which they (MS) take major profit and hardware vendors must pay to Microsoft high fee. All other company always try to control: hardware + software and all they make great products but unfortunately they was not Microsoft compatible and thus they ware crippled instantly.

Since Microsoft Windows compatibility in today world almost mean nothing (thanks to internet!), controlling software and hardware is simple MUST HAVE for one company to be able to make GREAT products.

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