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Legal So, the shadiness factor of the German EU-wide injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems to continue. Not only has Apple been caught supplying the court with tampered evidence, it now seems the court in Duesseldorf didn't have the authority to ban the Galaxy Tab EU-wide - at least, according to a German court which has just lifted the EU-wide ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
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Apple Anti-Competitive?
by Geronimo72 on Wed 17th Aug 2011 07:14 UTC
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Guess I am the only dissenting opinion here.

Let's get real all. Apple is doing exactly what it's Board of Director's are demanding it does, and what Google is prepared to do itself. Say what you will, but Samsung IS ripping off Apple's designs and you are either blind or or too anti-Apple to admit it. Apple should sue, they should be paid for the fruits of their labor rather than having some also-rans in Asia, where IP theft is order of the day (I exclude the Japanese of course), clean their clocks. They attract the best talent in the industry to turn out the best products. Apple cannot be profitable if other bloodsuckers are eating their lunch.

It's totally disingenuous to say Apple is being anti-competitive. Does that mean that patent laws do not need to be reformed, he'll no.

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