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Legal So, the shadiness factor of the German EU-wide injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems to continue. Not only has Apple been caught supplying the court with tampered evidence, it now seems the court in Duesseldorf didn't have the authority to ban the Galaxy Tab EU-wide - at least, according to a German court which has just lifted the EU-wide ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
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RE: Apple Anti-Competitive?
by MOS6510 on Wed 17th Aug 2011 10:23 UTC in reply to "Apple Anti-Competitive?"
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There is no doubt Samsung copied Apple's design, nor what Samsung motivated to build tablets (it wasn't the 1994 Knight Rider).

The Google people on this site say it's good for innovation if companies copy each other.

In part I agree.

Samsung saw Apple's iPad took off and they wanted their share and made their own tablet. That's fine with me and good for competition, customer choice.

Now Apple claims they copied the iPad, like its shape. I think it's kinda hard to make a tablet that doesn't look like a tablet. I don't you should view it as a tablet, but as a screen, which there are a lot of. Touching it with your fingers, making gestures should be fine too, it's the most logical way of interacting, like a pen also would be (but not as convenient when it comes to multi gestures).

Where I think Samsung went too far is when it made a number of icons look like iOS ones and even copied the packaging. There is no need for that, unless you want customers to think a Galaxy Tab is an iPad too.

IMO Apple should have asked the judge to force Samsung to change the icons and packaging. No need for an import ban or any fines.

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