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Web 2.0 InfoWorld's Peter Wayner discusses the 11 hard truths Web developers must accept in making the most of HTML5 -- especially those who are looking to leverage HTML5 in hopes of unseating native apps. 'The truth is, despite its powerful capabilities, HTML5 isn't the solution for every problem. Its additional features are compelling and will help make Web apps formidable competitors for native apps, but security issues, limitations of local data storage, synchonization challenges, and politics should have us all scaling back our expectations for the spec.'
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It seems that you understand the what engineering is ...

Magically expecting a specification to solve a problem instantly is ridiculous.

Lately I been using 51Degrees Mobi to deliver content for Mobile phones based on what the phone can do.

This toolkit doesn't magically solve the problem for me but it gives me the ability to build something which does ... much like the Aural Stylesheets.

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