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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ars Technica is reporting that US Retailer Best Buy has been able to sell less than 10% of the TouchPad tablets that it ordered from HP, and now wants HP to take them back. Similarly, deal-a-day site Woot offered TouchPads at a very aggressive price, and only managed to sell 612 of them. This is for a site that often sells out goofy tech widgets in hours. When the TouchPad was gearing up for release, there seemed to be a fair amount of interest among geeks. Is it just that it hasn't resonated the same way with the general public, or have people just been disappointed once they've put their hands on one?
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Comment by kovacm
by kovacm on Wed 17th Aug 2011 18:12 UTC
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And Apple has a long history of getting too greedy, controlling, and complacent, which will eventually give competitors an opening.

once upon a time Apple used PowerPC processor (had SIMD 3 years before Intel) = more expansive.
once upon a time Apple used NuBus (had PnP 5 years before PCI) = more expensive.
once upon a time Apple used SCSI (15 years before SATA) = more expensive.
... Apple always used high end technology for its products.

today Apple use same components as rest of PC industry (but always BEFORE rest of PC industry like Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n, Thunderbolt...) and todays Apples prices are so low because of this that rest of PC industry can hardly compete!

first sign of this, long before TABLET market, was Dell XPS One: All-In-one, iMac like PC. If you had compare this Dell to Apple iMac in ~2008.(Dell discontinued XPS One series coz could not compete) you will see that Apple offer more for less $! That was first sign that PC industry can not compete at same level of quality and price with Apple. Dell can only compete in segments of market where Apple is not present.

UNFORTUNATELY, Apple is today only company that control both: software and hardware; and no other company can achieve same level of quality or price for their products. ;) I will say again: UNFORTUNATELY!

(we should all thanks to Microsoft for this.)

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