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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ars Technica is reporting that US Retailer Best Buy has been able to sell less than 10% of the TouchPad tablets that it ordered from HP, and now wants HP to take them back. Similarly, deal-a-day site Woot offered TouchPads at a very aggressive price, and only managed to sell 612 of them. This is for a site that often sells out goofy tech widgets in hours. When the TouchPad was gearing up for release, there seemed to be a fair amount of interest among geeks. Is it just that it hasn't resonated the same way with the general public, or have people just been disappointed once they've put their hands on one?
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RE: HP Touchpad
by Sabon on Wed 17th Aug 2011 20:36 UTC
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I really wish the HP Touchpad was doing well. Just the idea of an OS not tied to MS or Google or Apple is a great thing.

The problem for HP, as well as Android and any other tablets, is that they can't do what Google did with Android phones and that is give them away.

Plus, when you ask 94% of people out there what tablet they want to buy they said, "iPad".

HP and the others have to figure out how to market their devices in such a way that actually intrigues users. So far they haven't figured it out.

Of course it would be great if companies would just stop looking to see what is successful out there and find a new category of something they would love to have for themselves. Something cool they thought of that is missing in their life.

Steve Jobs did that with the iPad. And no, it is not like previous tablets. It is the right size, the right amount of speed, the right amount of things it can do.

It was the right new device at the right time at the right price. It completely took the rest of the industry by surprise and they are still reeling, trying to figure out what to do to catch up.

As far as previous tablet pcs, like Microsoft's for instance. It was like taking a 16 oz hammer and trying to turn it into a pen by drilling a hole in the handle of the hammer and pushing the internals of a BIC pen inside. For 99% of people out there, MS tablets suck big time.

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