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OSNews, Generic OSes Joyent recently announced and released SmartOS. From their site, "SmartOS is comprised of the Illumos kernel (with ZFS, DTrace, OS-level virtualization and next-generation KVM) with BSD package management and a GNU toolchain." They've posted the source on GitHub and a live ISO is available for download as well.
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RE: Now what...
by phoenix on Wed 17th Aug 2011 20:47 UTC in reply to "Now what..."
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There's plenty of guides on using KVM on the Internet. The command-line isn't that hard to use. And it's very easy to script (I even wrote up a kvmctl script and config file format for KVM that was going to be included in Debian; then libvirt matured enough to replace it).

The blog post mentions they have libvirt support, so if you really want a GUI, you should be able to install virt-manager and use that.

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