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OSNews, Generic OSes SilveOS is a familiar-looking desktop "operating system" within a silverlight app. Just fire it up using any browser with Silverlight installed and start poking around.
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"In theory, if you put a saddle on a dog, it's now a horse. But in reality it's not. Silverlight has no: protected memory, virtual memory, filesystem support, multi-tasking. So it's not really close to being an OS.

Bad article title.

I'm not so sure this things are important to the vast majority of people. What I think is important is the experience to the end user. The rest is easily provided by Linux, BSD or why not a stripped down Windows.

Then we are now talking about two different things. I am referring to "Silverlight OS". Not sure why you are responding in this thread, because we are talking about Silverlight as an OS. Not public opinion polls.

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