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Mac OS X Think installing Mac OS X and a suite of applications, documents, and settings on a single Mac takes all day? Imagine doing it on ten or a hundred or a thousand Macs! Fortunately, tools like Apple Software Restore and NetInstall have allowed administrators to do it a little bit faster, and now Apple has provided an even more amazing tool that gives administrators the ability to roll out hundreds of custom Mac OS X installs in a couple of hours!
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"corporate" acceptance
by chrish on Thu 20th Oct 2005 10:43 UTC
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I'm thinking that things like this, and the upcoming x86 Macs, might make it easier for OS X to "infiltrate" traditional MS-centric organizations. The x86 Macs will be a requirement though, since these companies claim to not want to be tied to one vendor (apparently being locked to a convicted monopolist doesn't bother them).

- chrish

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