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Web 2.0 InfoWorld's Peter Wayner discusses the 11 hard truths Web developers must accept in making the most of HTML5 -- especially those who are looking to leverage HTML5 in hopes of unseating native apps. 'The truth is, despite its powerful capabilities, HTML5 isn't the solution for every problem. Its additional features are compelling and will help make Web apps formidable competitors for native apps, but security issues, limitations of local data storage, synchonization challenges, and politics should have us all scaling back our expectations for the spec.'
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CONT: HTML 5 === Pointless Bloat
by deathshadow on Wed 17th Aug 2011 22:58 UTC in reply to "HTML 5 === Pointless Bloat"
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The way I read your comments you think HTML should be as rigid and efficient as possible to convey the authors intent to the browser. That is very important, but semantics matter if the thing on the other end is NOT a browser (and that is a valid use case for the web).

I'm not seeing where you get that as I am in fact arguing in FAVOR of semantics -- and that's my problem with the new tags as they muddy the water by applying extra meanings we don't need. It's like the nimrods who go around slapping P around EVERYTHING just because it happens to be text or in flow. (P around IMG comes to mind)... A LABEL/INPUT pairing is not a paragraph or list item or table cell. Putting a P around it is pointlessly applying the wrong semantics... To me, putting NAV around a UL is that same type of idiocy... or DIV#header vs. HEADER when a numbered heading tag (H1,H2, etc), maybe with SMALL for de-emphasis and a couple span as styling hooks can typically handle that all by itself.

But then I always hated id="nav" or class="nav" -- so NAV as a tag is going to annoy me as being pointlessly vague. EVERY BLASTED ANCHOR ON A PAGE is "navigation" -- doesn't narrow it down a whole lot on meaning. Are we supposed to now wrap it around everything that has an anchor in it? I think not. Pointless bloated element that exists NOT for the accessibility bullshit they claim, but to justify the people who put that extra div around their UL for NOTHING. Probably why I use classes and ID's like "mainMenu", "userMenu", etc...

On one hand you argue against new semantic tags (just use divs), but on the other you complain about authors nesting wrappers (which is what you end up with if you eliminate the semantic tags). There has to be a middle ground...

NOT IF WHAT GOES INSIDE THEM ARE THE EXISTING SEMANTIC TAGS (H1, H2, P, UL, OL... even HR) -- at which point wrapping them with ANOTHER semantic meaning ... well, that's shellac on a pile. Covering a turd in bug excrement isn't the answer, no matter how shiny and new it looks.

I think that's what you're missing -- I don't see the point of these allegedly semantic new tags if they're just going around tags that already have meanings. That's called pointless bloat!

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