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Web 2.0 InfoWorld's Peter Wayner discusses the 11 hard truths Web developers must accept in making the most of HTML5 -- especially those who are looking to leverage HTML5 in hopes of unseating native apps. 'The truth is, despite its powerful capabilities, HTML5 isn't the solution for every problem. Its additional features are compelling and will help make Web apps formidable competitors for native apps, but security issues, limitations of local data storage, synchonization challenges, and politics should have us all scaling back our expectations for the spec.'
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RE[7]: HTML 5 == Pointless Bloat
by galvanash on Thu 18th Aug 2011 05:44 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: HTML 5 == Pointless Bloat"
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So you're suggesting that CSS means things like WML don't have a reason to exist now?

Other than for the oddball feature phone that is 3+ years old? Yes, no reason at all. It is dead as a door nail going forward. No one is building WML devices anymore...

The model I want is where raw content comes from where-ever (e.g. database), something like HTML is used to present that content to visual users, some sort of "Aural Markup Language" is used to present that content to aural users, something like WML is used to present that content to small devices, something else is used to present the content to search engines, etc. Basically, markup languages designed for specific purposes, rather than a horrid mess that tries to cope with everything imaginable at once.

And you just illustrated why WML died... You really have some crazy notions, I gotta give you credit for not being shy with them. You are literally the only person I have ever seen describe markup soup as something they actually want.

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