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Apple Macworld Boston ended yesterday. Didn't realize it was going on at all? You're in good company. Since Apple didn't have a presence there and there was no Steve Jobs rock concert product announcement, nobody paid much attention to the Mac-oriented trade show, notes Wired News.
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still fuming from last yr
by transputer_guy on Fri 15th Jul 2005 17:41 UTC
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I was stupid enough to go to Macworld Boston yast year whithout knowing Apple wasn't there, nobody was there. I hadn't prechecked since I am only occasionally look at Mac web sites I not a fanboy anymore and didn't care if Jobs showed but did care if Apple & developers showed. I was so mad I had an exchange with those MacWorld bastards that wouldn't give my money back. I'm stilled fumed at it and helps me not want to get a mac still today besides technical issues. When I heard it was copley sq, didn't need to check this time, nobody can fit into that place at least not the old shows we used to have at the JFK place.

The last NY show I went to though was pretty good, somebody has to do the miles.


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