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In the News Hewlett-Packard Co. , the world's largest computer maker, is in talks to buy [database search software vendor] Autonomy Corp. for about $10 billion and plans to spin off its personal-computer business, people with direct knowledge of the matter said. Is this an indicator of the Post PC Era?
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RE: Indicator of the future
by Flatland_Spider on Thu 18th Aug 2011 23:10 UTC in reply to "Indicator of the future"
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This is pretty much spot on, except you're discounting the design expertise Apple brings to the table. The other manufacturers settle for good enough, and they probably would have arrived at the same spot they are now.

For a counter-point, the standardization on a third-party OS enabled PCs to be come cheaper since software vendors only had to program for one OS, and the third-party OS allowed portability between hardware vendors, which also contributed. Standardization was bound to happen with Windows or something else; there were just too many hardware vendors for it to now happen.

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