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Hardware, Embedded Systems Major bombshell, and sorry, but this certainly requires a breaking tag as well: HP has announced it is discontinuing operations for webOS devices - effective immediately. Just like that... The TouchPad and Pre 3 are dead. Eh. Raise your hands if this brings back those painful memories of that infamous 'Focus Shift'. In addition, the company also announced its intention to sell its personal computer business.
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RE[7]: If you say so...
by cmchittom on Fri 19th Aug 2011 16:53 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: If you say so..."
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With one phone (iPhone compared to over 48 different models of Android) taking over 66% of all smartphone profits, you have a strange definition of dominating. Apple is the #1 smartphone manufacturer in sales. And the reason you keep limiting it to smartphones is that iOS beats Android in total installations. (phones, tablets, and mp3 players)

All of what you say may be true, but here's a couple of quotes worth thinking about:

"[The] Android operating system . . . is currently on about half of the smartphones in the U.S."[1]

"Mr. LEVY: Well, Apple has been worried, because Android phones are outselling iPhones now. Apple makes more money per phone because the Apple system enables them to get money from the hardware and from the software. Google makes money on the back end."[2]

Both from NPR, a reputable news source.

I don't really have a dog in this race—I do have an Android phone, but only because it happened to be the smart phone my provider offered—I just thought this discussion needed some citations.


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