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Legal "In its case against Samsung Electronics in the Netherlands, Apple is demanding an extensive ban on all Galaxy series smartphones and tablets, including a complete recall of stock by European distributors and resellers. Apple's complaint against Samsung in The Hague district court is much more comprehensive than previously thought. It's not only broader in its legal scope than a separate, ongoing Apple complaint against Samsung in Germany, but an injunction could have a 'huge impact' on the entire European market for smartphones and tablets, according to Alastair Edwards, principal analyst at Canalys." That's how far Apple is willing to go. They are willing to screw over countless resellers - some big, some small, one-shop affairs - because they don't like competition. I wonder how the Grubers of this world are going to spin this one. Hey Steve, I've got another extremely successful Android phone maker for you to sue.
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RE[4]: Well...
by dtahiti on Fri 19th Aug 2011 18:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Well..."
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Of course the iPad inspired current tablets.

Wow ! Did I just read that well, or is there a typo ?
Now, how about adding that "iPhone inspired Galaxy S phone" as well ?
How about also "App Store app inspired Android Market app" ?

Besides that, I don't recall hearing from Apple executives that they invented the smartphone or the tablets. But They have been successful reinventing them so that it would not just be for nerds, but also compelling for average Joe.

I can't think the same for Google on Android, they really just look like playing catchup from the beginning. Market share (> iPhone) is coming from its willingness to not compete on the hardware side (initially before last Monday), and giving for free (or close to) so that existing major manufacturers switch to it, replacing Windows Mobile OS and Symbian underneath the interface (remember how hard it has been for Google to inially convince them to come aboard, until it became obvious they had to do it or else, becoming irrellevant like Nokia).

All the openness has just been for PR, to please nerds but you could see how nervous they got if you take Android as is (open source), asking you to not load Google Apps if doing so (Maps, Market, Gmail, etc).

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